Learning Modelling

Engineering models are usually created in an attempt to shed more light on the actual design process. One thing about this discipline is that it undoubtedly features in most types of engineering. Modern-day engineers and hobbyists make models such as internal combustion engines, cars, and machines. The industry at large is fast acknowledging modelling’s contribution in addressing engineering problems.

Any newcomer to modelling should be open to learning. There are many ways to become better at modelling, key among them being learning from successful designs. For starters, here are some resources that could come in handy for any modelling hobbyists.


Current and future engineers working on modelling projects should undoubtedly tap into the knowledge shared in books. Of particular importance should be books that focus on the design, development, and implementation of modelling problems.

Modelling Clubs

With growing interest in modelling, many people who share the interest choose to form or join clubs to learn, share knowledge and experiences and access specialised tools from other members. The good thing about modelling clubs is that members get to analyse each other’s works, continually raising the bar for quality.

Online Videos

You can also learn and improve your modelling knowledge by tapping into online resources. Online videos are increasingly becoming a preferred learning media. Accessing video resources from other modelling hobbyists has never been easier.