All You Need to Know About Model Engineering

The term seems simple enough from the two words that make up the phrase. But there is more to model engineering than creating models of engineering concepts. What exactly is it? Who does it? How is it done? What is its purpose? Do you require an education to do it? This fascinating article will answer all these questions and more. Read on.

What is Model Engineering?

Yes, model engineering is creating small representations of actual machines. But the definition is not complete without adding that these miniature creations have to be proportionate and to scale. That would mean, then, that a level of knowledge in the field of engineering would be necessary to be a model engineer.

You have probably seen clips online of ‘genius’ kids who created miniature earthmovers, or trucks, etc. These children have the potential, but they need some nurturing to qualify for the title ‘model engineer.’

What is the Purpose of Model Engineering?

The function of model engineering varies from place to place and across time. In the past, model engineering was usually a professional practice used to create prototypes. However, with modern technology, it is no longer necessary to produce computer models as actual miniature models.

In such countries, mainly those with a history of industrialisation, model engineering is done largely as a hobby. It is mostly done by people with a background in engineering.

How to Get into Model Engineering

The practice is essentially a matter of personal interest. Most people create models in their own spaces. If you are interested in joining, you can look for online resources to add to your current knowledge before starting out. You can also join model engineering clubs to find mentorship and partnership from other people with similar interests.

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